SAVE $5 to $30 USD Off Pre-Orders

SKU: One Dollar Club

One per person.


This will only be for ticket holders 

This is a list for pre-orders, we are changing some parts of the product, to make it stronger and last longer also to bring down the weight to reduce shipping cost.


To be able to get an extra $5 to $30 usd off, all you have to do is to buy the $1 dollar tickets to put yourself down on the list for pre-order. 


We Are aiming For $1000 tickets. This will set in people for our product line and help us kick-off. 

  • Refunds

    Refunds won't be granted, only due to the transfers fees, This is your booking to be able to get $5 to $30 Usd off.

    This will include Part of the Product cost and shipping cost reduced.  

    We will msg you for the final Cost Of the product with the discounted for pre-orders.

    This is a Big Saving for our beach safe product, so hopefully, you don't miss out.   

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