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Beach safe (Camo, Blue, Red, Purple ) Pre-Orders Free Shipment

$124.00 Regular Price
$104.00Sale Price

This is beach safe that help protects your valuables from getting stolen. This stops people from just picking up your valuables and walking away with it. 
The beach safe parts are out of stainless steel to be as strong as possible and to make sure it will last a lifetime.
We decide to use a padlock because It's an outdoor padlock that if the padlock malfunctions it"s cheap and easy to replace.

The beach safe pack comes with

1x cone container 
1x cone lid 
1x combination padlock
1x stainless steel raiser bar 
1x stainless steel drive bar 
1x foldable handle 
1x Auger 
1x Special made shovel ( this shovel fit inside the cone and it's curve to fit nicely inside the cone.
1x rubber washer 
1x big  washer   
3x long bolts 
3x short bolts 
4x nuts 
6x small washers 
1x stylish carry bag. 
1 slip lock bag to hold the washer and nuts and small shifter 
2 x small shifter 
1x menu  

This is coming out with an alarm app that if the user phone senses vibration the alarm will sound. The cone container amplifiers the phone speakers making it louder. This app will be free when buying our beach safe.

Please note we are under manufactory setting up. 
The beach safe tooling for the product starts start for September.
This will take 6 to 7 weeks with another 3 weeks for production samples.
If we don't come into any issues, you should have them in December or Mid January time frame. 

We try to aim for sooner but the frame can change to be quicker but the lastest will be 2nd week of January 2020. That time frame will be you receiving it, Just in time for summer.
We will keep everyone updated on the process of any issues or delays. 

Or if the process is quicker on recieving it. 

This is why were are having a discount and free shipment as a thank you for understander and be so patient with the process. 
This is very exciting. 
Thank you for helping us.

( Note )
With ordering the camo there will be a line of some sort, this is due to the largeness of the cone and how the camo is dip into the paint.
It"s nearly impossible to get it 100% in line but we are trying different camo types to make it look as good as it can.
We will post updates on the camo and images to show on how it will look.
Note, not all camo will be the same. 


  • December- Jan Shipping Receiving shipment

    Are time Frame Will be shipping out our Beach safe product in December  or sooner, But we aiming for November to get in out before summertime hits.  

    Are Tooling, manufacturing will take 7 weeks but we are aiming to have everything ready by 9 weeks. We will keep you updated As soon as we get new news.