2x40kg Melbourne Adjustable Dumbbells

2x40kg Melbourne Adjustable Dumbbells

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Hey guys. for a set please order 2


I have sold over 1500 dumbells. That is 2x 40H container. These are normally $900 because they are made from same factory as powertrian.


Im trying my best to get here asap. Atm it be here before October  so late stemepber.


I will be opening pre orders for limted time for just 40kg.


This will run back off my website again like last time n be through paypal Ive have done pre order in the past with great success.


These are the new models due to steel insert being a density issue.


So what happen was the old design the steel was heavier but now due to covic it was less density in the metal. The factory have re model all there weights plates to be 39.8kg Other dumbells are 34kg or 36kg


But our factory spent 500k retooling all there equipment. We take care of the quality of the dumbells to make sure it last year not days. Atm 18 months dumbells are still going strong. We are trying get good quality dumbells to people so bare with us