2x24kg Adjustable Dumbbell

2x24kg Adjustable Dumbbell

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With the simple turn of the dial you're ready to go with these new remarkable adjustable dumbbells.
The innovative locking mechanism secures only the weights that you want, a few seconds is all it takes to change the weight of each dumbbell.
This means that you waste less time switching weights and spend more time building muscle to achieve your goals.

This modern Adjustable Dumbbell's ergonomic design makes it the most space-efficient and flexible strength-training option available. With just the turn of a dial, you can automatically change your resistance on this dumbbell from 2.3kg to 24kg
It adjusts in 1.13kg increments up to 11.3kg and then in 2.2kg increments, enabling you to gradually increase your strength while training with the perfect weight to push your limits.

Brilliantly effective while performing super sets and drop sets as there is minimal wastage of time as you go through different phases of your circuit, switching from one exercise to the next.




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