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My Stoire

My Story
Three years ago, I went down to my local beach, which is Altona beach and went for a swim as I usually do. By myself, since all my friends are busy. As I was in the water, I wonder. What would happen if someone ran up n grab my things? I wouldn't be able to stop them n be screwed since I was 400m in the water.
So did a Google search n nothing I could find that stops people stealing or just picking up my gear and walking away with it (nerve-racking) so I started to think n had a good idea. Then I went down to my local Bunnings Warehouse started to make different prototype designs. Which was a PVC piping with a cap at its end and an auger in the middle. It didn't work. Aha.
4 to 6 months found a prototype that worked and was happy with it, So I decide to go to the next big step. Patent application. I was somewhat lucky because the people I use to work for, name Ronny, his friend name Susan (made my pen) help me along the way and introduce me to Giles, which did the design works. After a meeting with Giles,
I got different prototypes made up that didn't work, Different container shapes and different auger types so spent a lot of time n money on that.

I had one that worked, but it was too small and cost too much. Around ($90) to make and was qeuit hevay for its size also.
My product engineer told me we should stop because it wasn't the right thing for him to keep taking my money and we should wait until it cost cheaper to make or if new tooling came available, (pretty much put it on ice for now and come back to it later)

But I decided to keep going and decided the best design was the original one.
I came up with ways to make it more practical and more straightforward to use and make it easier and cost affected.

So now I'm nearly there.
I tried so hard to make it easier to install it, but it was counter-intuitive, Make it easier becomes less secured and bulkier, So that’s why it has a shovel to suit the cone to save space and helps with the process, but it is the best-secured way.

But now after a long three years, With many failed attempts, now I'm here to kickstarter. Because it can't get any better than this. That was my goal before I release it to the market.

But I always remember a Seinfeld episode at the very start when he was making his stand up, about where do you but your things at the beach? In your shoe? So now I have something that you can put your items in now, which is very Exciting.