Why Buy me?


This is a beach safe that stores your Valuables inside.

It has a keyless padlock lid.

It's lightweight.


Nearly Impossible to be pulled out.

easy to use.

just over 1 minute to set up.

Women and kid-friendly.

High-quality parts

Very strong parts

Last a lifetime

Waterproof Bag

Best Shipping Prices 

Big Discount Only for pre-orders 

The Auger makes it nearly impossible to pull out due to the weight behind the Auger blade at the max depth.

The shape of the cone allows no gripping point to grab it to pull it, making it extremely harder.


Why should I buy this safe?

Gives you peace of mind also

The auger depth and the massive amount of effort and attention deter thieves from stealing your items.

Most thieves want an easy pickoff, something they can easily pick up and walk away without anyone noticing that they just stole someone's phone and wallet, etc.

Would a thieve dig my safe out?

Digging our safe out causes a lot of attention because of the extreme depth.

It takes a lot of time and exhausting amount of effort to dig it out, giving time to walk back to protect your things if need be.

Most likely not because most thieves will move to the next person who doesn't have our safe and easily pick off their items.

Can someone twist my safe out?

No, Because of the container free spins. The only way the auger spins is which is only accessible from the inside with the driveshaft and handlebar, which is locked, while you are away having fun.

How big is it inside?

The container Has a plentiful amount of room, so having a couple of friends with you and their items will be able to fit inside also.

The shovel fit inside?

We have designed a special shape shovel that curves the same as the cone which saves space.

Why do I have to dig?

Because the weight of the sand and how it works doesn't allow the normal human enough tork strength to go down deep enough to gives you the best protection. Its 1000 times easier to dig a starting hole.

It is the best option to do.

We spent 3 years trying to make it easier but it wasn't effective in protecting your items.

Digging only takes 30 seconds and installing takes another 30 seconds and that gives you the best protection.