Locker on the  go 

  1. The locker on the go is a fantastic way to secure your valuables away at the beach.

  2. The auger digs into the sand down via a T bar handle which goes into the sand 300mm to 650mm.

  3. The fins act like a grabbing hook, once installed it is impossible to pull it out of the ground.

  4. The lid is lockable with a keyless padlock to make it perfect not to worry about anything while in the water.

  5. The unique design makes it there isn't a way to grab it to allow to pull it.

  6. The cone shape makes it a very easier way to dive into the sand to come down level with the beach floor. 

  7. The size of the container is plentiful to allow to have multiple phones, keys, wallets even sunglasses in the container. 

  8. The package weighs under 2 kg and small enough to fit in a suitcase to allow for overseas trips.  

  9. The product is out of Stainless Steel, and the product is high quality to last a lifetime of adventure.