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Name Mark Szrenko

125 kenning rd Tarneit


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Dumbell Melbourne

are Here 

call me on 0417241911

for pickup or drop off

Bars Racks bench

Melbourne E.T.A 

Everything on the

boat sailing 


Everything is Set up through my company

with the Australian Government 

Hopefully, you guys

Trust me more now

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Had ordered more dumbells 

but plates n benches and bars be

ordered as much from

what my orders are. 

Thank you for the people who ordered. 

this couldn't happen without you.


Gym Equipment



This is Mark, Kozona is my company.

I have bulk ordered dumbells on 

Monday 15th April.

They are here NOW!!

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I live on a farm so the 
40ft load will be dropped off at my 

Who Am i? 

Hey, Guys, My Name Is Mark.s I'm doing this for other gym goers because of the scams and the overprice weights, I have connections which is allowing me to do this. I'm trying to help others not to get ripped off from something that we all cant control. With the lockdown, it could be another 4 months or so until the gym will re-open. My Instagram Is devilhand666 and my Facebook is Mark Tomacco